Across Australia, many primary and secondary, state and private schools are reviewing and 'modernising' their uniforms. This is due to changing community expectations about what children should wear to school.

If your school is looking to update it's uniform, whether it be hoping to suit up senior girls in preparation for their real-world career moves, aiming to dress down your active adventurers for the playground or sustainability or modern and fabrics style is top of the change agenda, choosing the right clothing partner for your school can really have an impact on how your desired changes will play out - for the hip pocket and the amount of hip modifications on the table.

To help navigate you through this maze we've prepared a check list in partnership with Families Magazine to guide you throughout the entire design process. 

Be ready for change, Are you ready to meet the Department of Education Policy Changes? 

Get a copy of the Queensland Department of Education School Dress Code policy. Whilst only state schools are bound to comply, all schools should consider aligning with this document. It is designed to respect the rights of students and schools. After looking at school uniform research and engaging in community consultation, the Department of Education updated the Student Dress Code on the 13th July 2018. The policy states that individual schools’ Student Dress Codes must:

  • be developed in consultation with the school community
  • be consistent with health and safety considerations
  • comply with anti-discrimination legislation
  • consider affordability, functionality and durability of uniform items
  • provide uniform options, including shorts and pants, in all uniform categories for all students, regardless of gender.

Following this new Student Dress Code will ensure schools uphold anti-discrimination and equal opportunity legislation and lessens the possibility that students and parents will challenge the school dress code on discrimination and legal grounds. Weareco  currently has numerous modern fit pant options for all students, if you're seeking better options and smarter fit styles please get in touch at [email protected]