As a Queensland family-owned business with manufacturing origins in Australia for 39 years, today  the same ethical values and quality standards continue to be important to us and influences how we source, create and deliver our uniforms to school communities. From our world to yours our clothes are made in a modern, safe, clean and fair way and Weareco is committed to ensuring our facilities in Vietnam and China are not party or any illegal or unethical manufacturing standards.

Because more than 70% of our manufacturing volume comes from company managed or dedicated facilities which are vertically integrated to include fabric sourcing and sewing, Weareco is able to maintain a high ethical standard in quality and fairness.  Most importantly this  monitoring and control ensures we provide a safe working environment and above minimum wage to all Weareco garment workers.

Supply Chain Social Compliance
Whilst it is difficult to trace all fibre and textile production Weareco knows all of its primary suppliers - these fabric suppliers are audited annually to International standards. This ensures that your school is being supplied quality garments which are holistically produced by companies which adhere to the best ethical standards for social responsibility.

Issues such as child labour, discrimination and a safe working environment as well as fair rates of pay are of real importance to Weareco, so when  a proportion of Weareco garments are unable to be produced in our own facilities, Weareco utalises  ISO ethically certified factories. In the future Weareco is committed to  improving our standards of traceability across our entire supply network and we are  currently working towards establishing a self-managed Ethical Code of Practice to improve our third party supplier selection process.

For more information about our Australian designed uniforms and how our clothes are made please contact us.